2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
    Aug 18, 2018  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Introduction to Graduate Studies at Westfield State University

Graduate studies are an essential component of the mission of Westfield State University. Founded in 1839 as the nation’s first public coeducational teacher-training institution, the University has grown into a multi-faceted comprehensive institution serving the citizens of the Commonwealth with graduate programs leading to Master’s degrees, as well as undergraduate degrees. All graduate programs of the university are offered through the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.

The University offers graduate programs in Accountancy, Criminal Justice, Education, English, History, Movement Science, Psychology, Public Administration, and Social Work. Teacher education programs at the graduate level include the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, History and Mathematics. A proven leader in the advanced training of educators and professionals in Criminal Justice, Westfield has earned a reputation for academic excellence in liberal arts preparation. A dedicated and well-qualified faculty provides graduate-level instruction in convenient afternoon and evening courses.

The mission of Westfield State University states: “Building on a tradition of collaboration that is over 150 years old in preparing the Commonwealth’s educators, Westfield State University promotes the development of close ties with the community by providing continuing education and service for a diverse range of educational needs and interests.” The Division of Graduate and Continuing Education is proud to play a major role in fulfilling this portion of the University’s mission with high-quality graduate degree programs that provide students the opportunity to pursue studies beyond the baccalaureate level.

Consider the many opportunities for personal growth and leadership available through our graduate programs. We hope that you will visit our campus, talk to our students and faculty, and have your questions answered by the professional staff in the office of the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education. The Office is located in the Horace Mann Center, across the street from Stanley Park, at 333 Western Avenue in Westfield, first floor east.

Disclaimer: The rules, regulations, policies, fees and other charges, courses of study, and academic requirements that appear in this catalogue were in effect at the time of its publication. Like everything else in this catalogue, they are published for informational purposes only, and they do not constitute a contract between the University and any student, applicant for admissions, or any other person.

Whether noted elsewhere in this catalogue or not, the University reserves the right to change, eliminate, and add to any existing (and to introduce additional) rules, regulations, policies, fees and other charges, courses of study, and academic requirements. Whenever it does so, the University will give as much advance notice as it considers feasible or appropriate, but it reserves the right in all cases to do so without notice.

Message From The President

Congratulations on your decision to pursue graduate study at Westfield State. You can be proud of your affiliation with one of the nation’s most venerable public higher education institutions, established in 1838.

Our academic programs have been developed to help you achieve your professional goals, and our faculty will help you succeed academically. They are involved and committed teachers and highly regarded experts in their fields. They are also potential mentors and friends—you’ll appreciate their experience and understanding.

As a student in the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education, you can take advantage of all of our wonderful campus resources. Count on great advising and support from our first-rate DGCE staff. You’re also invited to work out in our Wellness Center, tap into our library’s extensive reference network, and participate in the many cultural and public affairs events we provide to enrich your academic program.

Thank you for choosing Westfield State University. I hope you have a great experience here.


Dr. Elizabeth H. Preston

Interim President


Message From the Dean