2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog/Student Handbook 
    May 21, 2022  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog/Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs Department Information

Vice President Ely 208 x5400
Dean of Students Ely 209 x5421
Athletics Woodward Center X5405
Campus Center Ely Lower Level x5648
Career Services Lammers Annex x5206
Commuter Services Ely Lower Level X8157
Counseling Services Lammers Annex x5790
Diversity and Inclusion Ely Lower Level X5442
Health Services Scanlon/Annex x5415
Public Safety White House x5262
Residential Life Scanlon Garden Level x5402
Student Activities Ely Lower Level X5442
Student Conduct Ely 209 x5403
Student Government Ely Lower Level x5429
Veteran and Military Services Horace Mann Center x8370
Wellness Center Ely First Floor Level x5500


Westfield State University has an extensive, quality program of intercollegiate, club sports, and intramural athletics for full-time matriculated students. Men’s and women’s teams compete under the umbrella of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In addition to fielding 21 varsity teams in Division III of the NCAA, Westfield State holds memberships in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) and the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC). For additional information, please contact the athletics department at 413-572-5405 or www.westfieldstateowls.com.

Varsity Athletics Philosophy

The athletics department is committed to promoting athletics as a vital part of the University experience and athletes as integral members of the student body.

The athletics department is committed to initiating, stimulating, and improving intercollegiate athletics by promoting physical fitness and sports participation while developing leadership and encouraging and teaching social responsibility and citizenship. The athletics department is committed to providing the support necessary for its men and women athletes to achieve high levels of performance on regional and national levels of competition.

Westfield State University supports the philosophy of Division III competition and promotes amateur athletics as defined by NCAA legislation which emphasizes the educational impact the athletics program has upon its participants, rather than satisfying the entertainment needs of the public. The status of any Division III team is independent of gate receipts or other revenues, therefore no team is relegated to the category of a “minor sport.” A student’s athletic ability is not a factor in determining a financial award package.

As a member in good standing of the NCAA, the athletics department promotes the principles of fair play, equitable treatment of men and women, and the recruitment of athletes that reflect our multicultural society. The athletics department strongly encourages participation by maximizing the number and variety of opportunities for students in varsity, sub-varsity, and intramural sports.

The athletics department is committed to providing a safe environment for competition with the health and welfare of our male and female athletes of primary concern.

The athletics department fosters sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and ethical conduct, not only by its male and female athletes, but by the University’s overall student body and professional staff.

The athletics department promotes open communication between athletes, coaches, and administrative staff and supports the tenet that athletic participants are not treated differently from other members of the student body. Athletes are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the University experience.

Campus Center

The Ely building is anchored by the Campus Center and the Westfield State Library and it provides space for many other College departments, programs and services. Here is brief summary of services and activities available at the Campus Center.

Aerobic Classes
Art Department Gallery
Beverage & Snack Vending
Bookstore, Barnes & Noble
Cardio Fitness Equipment
Classrooms & Meeting Rooms
Commuter Services
Cyber Café and Mac Lab
Dean of Students
Dining Services (Subway® and Dunkin’ Donuts)
Diversity and Inclusion Department
Ely Studio Theater
Indoor Swimming Pool
Locker/Shower Rooms & Towel Service
Lost and Found
Outdoor Screen Message Boards (Main Campus)
Parking Clerk
Passenger Van Reservations & Van Sign-Out/Sign-In
Personalized Exercise Program Assistance
Peter Pan Bus Company and PVTA Bus Schedules
Racquetball Court
Recreation & Leisure Activities
Request Space & Space Reservation Assistance
Service Window - Payment of Parking Tickets, Fac/Staff Decals, Ely and Woodward Fitness Center Memberships, PVTA Full Ridership Passes, Student ID Validation/Bus Stickers, Ticket Pick Up for Special Events
SGA-recognized Student Clubs & Organizations
Special Events
Strength Training & Conditioning
Student Activities
Student Affairs Vice President
Student Conduct Office
Student Information & Referrals
The Voice, Student Newspaper
Theater Arts Program & Ticket Information
Vendor Exhibits & Sales
Ely Fitness Center
Westfield Bank ATM
WSU-TV Station
WSKB 89.5FM Student Radio Station

The Career Center

The Career Center is dedicated to assisting students and alumni of Westfield State University develop and implement career and graduate school plans. Career planning is a process of individualized development which must be nourished during the entire period of a student’s involvement with the University. To assist students with this planning process, the Career Center engages in a variety of programs and services including career counseling, a resource library, career-preparation workshops and seminars, alumni networking, career fairs and on-campus recruitment.

Career Advising

The Career Center includes a staff of professional counselors available to assist students at all stages of their undergraduate program. Students are encouraged to begin as early as their first year to explore, evaluate and formulate career plans, and seek out opportunities to test career paths. Advising is available for those seeking a major, planning for graduate school or conducting an effective job search. On-line and print resources supplement individual and group advising. Workshops and seminars offered throughout the academic year provide additional guidance.

Career Programs and Services

The Career Center sponsors a wide range of programs and services tailored to meet the varied needs and interests of our students. Many programs are available to students such as the annual “Government, Criminal Justice and Non-Profit Career Fair” featuring federal, state and local organizations open to all academic disciplines; the annual “Spring Career Fair” providing additional opportunities in multiple fields; “Career Strategies Seminar for Educators” highlighting the nuances of the job search in the field of education; and the “Career Centers of Western Massachusetts Career Fair” offering opportunities in a wide range of fields.  Other programs available are the Career Chats in the residence halls, Professional Networking Nights and many more. 

Career Resources - Print and Online

The Career Center offers career-related literature and tools for career exploration. The Career Resources Library features books, magazines, pamphlets and other materials relevant to the career development process. All Resource Library materials are easily accessible online.  The Resource library offers computer stations to assist with all facets of the job search.

Online resources are as follows:

Career Connections - Enables students and alumni to easily search jobs and internships, send online inquiries, and manage multiple resumes, cover letters, and other employment related documents. The software system provides 24 hour access to employment, internship and community service postings, a career event calendar and scheduling for on campus recruitment.

FOCUS II - Our Career and Education Planning Online Program guides students and alumni through a career planning process that helps broaden career horizons and narrow occupational and education choice based on the users profile. FOCUS II helps develop an accurate picture of your personal strengths, needs and preferences; and helps to develop a sound career plan.

Resume Creator - Students and alumni can generate and upload professional resumes and have them submitted for a professional critique by a career counselor. 

Interview Stream - Practice your interviewing skills.  The platform simulates interviews for job seekers to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  This program is available online 24/7. 

CareerSpots Videos - Fast, informative, engaging web videos that are conveniently available online. These videos provide expert advice from leading employers as well as clearly illustrate what students need to know BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the job interview.

For a complete listing of programs, services and opportunities, visit our webpage at westfield.ma.edu/careercenter or call for an appointment at (413) 572-5206. Questions can also be sent via email at careers@westfield.ma.edu. The Career Center is located in Lammers Hall Annex.

Commuter Services

Sometimes students feel disconnected, unsupported, uninformed, and alone living off campus. At Westfield, Commuter Services help students to ease these anxieties and to get connected with others, be informed of campus events, and to participate in the life of the University.

Student Affairs administrators and staff reach out to commuting students in many ways. We:

  • Attend Commuter Council meetings and advise the Council on all matters pertaining to students
  • Advocate for student interests advanced by the Council
  • Disseminate information to students daily through the Commuter Services website and Outdoor Screens on campus; and, a Commuter Newsletter delivered quarterly via email distribution
  • Facilitate planning and production of Council activities and events for commuting students
  • Introduce new students to Commuter Services and the Commuter Council during the summer orientation and transfer programs
  • Recommend and oversee the annual SGA operating budget for Commuter Council activities and events

Commuter Council officers continuously seek ways to improve student life at Westfield. Council officers:

  • Conduct weekly Council meetings, entertain student issues/concerns and maintain Council records and rosters
  • Contribute news and information for the Commuter Newsletter and various College calendars and websites
  • Plan, produce and host Council activities and events for commuting students
  • Recruit students to serve on the Council and to represent the Council at the Student Government Association

Visit Commuter Services online or contact a Commuter Council Officer (X5429) or Faculty/Staff Advisor (X8157) for further information.

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center, located next to the Career Services Office in Lammers Hall, exists to serve students by offering short-term personal counseling and consultation. Counselors offer individual, group, and couple counseling, and also are available to provide consultation and referral services to any member of the Westfield State University community. The Counseling Center focuses on personal growth and the development of effective life management and problem solving skills. The Counseling Center staff is knowledgeable about the various student support services offered on campus, and often refers students to offices that may be able to address their needs. If students require more comprehensive psychological services, counselors will assist students in finding an appropriate referral in the greater Westfield area or in their home communities. All counseling is strictly confidential except in cases of life-or-death emergencies, or by court order. Information about student clients can be released only with the written consent of the student.

The Counseling Center also provides the contracted services of a nutritionist who is available to any member of the University community. Appointments are made through the Counseling Center’s secretary, and individuals seeking the nutritionist’s services do not have to be clients of the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center has a resource library, which holds books, pamphlets, videotapes and audiotapes on various topics related to life management and psychological health. Within this collection exists the GLBT resource library. All resources are available to the University community and may be utilized during office hours without making an appointment. The Counseling Center website, westfield.ma.edu/counseling, provides complete information about the Counseling Center and its services, as well as links to other resources of interest to students, faculty, and staff.

For additional information, please contact the Counseling Center office, located in the Lammers Hall Annex, at (413) 572-5790.

Diversity, Inclusion and Student Activities

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Activities strives to promote services and activities based on inclusiveness, leadership, and innovation.  We work to create a welcoming environment that celebrates individuality, while providing a place for students to become empowered through leadership opportunities.  We strive to better the campus and student experience in diverse and thought-provoking ways, and pride ourselves as a place open to creativity and forward thinking, even as we continue to honor the traditions of our past. 

For additional information, please visit our webpage http://www.westfield.ma.edu/studentactivities/about-us/

Health Services

The Health Services Department is available to all full time undergraduate students regardless of personal health insurance coverage. Patients with medical emergencies are transported to Noble Hospital by City ambulance or the University’s Department of Public Safety. The Department is staffed by a clerk, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a consulting physician, who works part-time during the academic year. Health Services meets the immediate health needs of students and provides follow-up treatment and other health related services inclusive of women’s health care during the academic year.

Allergy immunotherapy is not offered by the Department due to guidelines imposed by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunotherapy. Allergists Jonathan Bayuk, DO and Vanessa Van Stee, MD can be referred to for allergy immunotherapy in Westfield at telephone (413) 562-3364 (check insurance for coverage benefits). Also prescriptive medications for students with ADHD must be managed by their own clinical provider, primary care physician. 

The Department of Health Services requires Medical Health Forms to comply with University Policy and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health mandates on immunizations.

Information about the University Health Insurance is distributed with tuition bills and information about the University Student Health Insurance can also be obtained from the website www.universityhealthplans.com and westfield.ma.edu/healthservices. Insurance enrollment verification forms for students covered by their parents’ insurance can be printed from the student’s “My Westfield” account under the Academics tab of this website by selecting the Registrar’s office.

All medical information is confidential and defined as protected health information under federal regulations and cannot be released without written permission from the student.

The University’s Notice of Privacy Practices can be located at www.westfied.ma.edu/privacypractices. Medical information can be released by Court order but the Office of the Registrar attempts to notify the student of court requests.

Medical Forms And Immunizations

In order to register for classes at Westfield State University, every full-time student must present to the Department of Health Services a completed Westfield State University Health Form, which contains a clinician’s certificate of a physical examination and immunizations. A TB Risk Assessment Form and a Meningitis Information and Waiver Form are included with the Health Form. Health forms can be printed from the Department’s website at westfield.ma.edu/healthservices. The Department of Health Services requires Medical Health Forms to comply with University Policy and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s mandates on immunizations. Students may be registered for classes on the condition that the required immunizations be obtained within thirty days of registration (see 105 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 220.600 and Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 76, section 15c). Students who fail to submit the required Health Form can be administratively withdrawn. A reinstatement fee will be charged after receipt of the required form.

The Albert and Amelia Ferst Interfaith Center

The mission of the Albert and Amelia Ferst Interfaith Center is to support religious and spiritual life and to promote interfaith understanding at Westfield State University. During the academic year, Center staff members provide and support opportunities for worship, meditation, spiritual exploration, religious learning, celebration, fellowship and service. In support of the University’s mission to prepare students for life in the global community, the Center seeks to promote respect for and understanding of diverse religious traditions and to help students relate their moral and religious traditions to their personal choices and service to society.

Chaplains and Religious Services

Father John Dean, Catholic Chaplain
Telephone: 413-572-5567

Catholic Mass is celebrated on campus at the Interfaith Center on Sunday at 12 noon & 4 p.m. and on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. On long weekends, Mass is only offered on Sunday at 4 p.m. During the Lenten season, Mass is offered Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. Father Dean is available for counseling by appointment.

Reverend Kimberly J. Murphy, Protestant Chaplain
E-mail: murphykj@aol.com
Telephone: 413-568-7557 or 413-579-4186

Sunday services are held at 10 a.m. at the UCC Second Congregational Church located at 487 Western Avenue, adjacent to the University’s commuter parking lot. Reverend Kim is also available for counseling by appointment.

Rabbi Joyce Galaski, Jewish Chaplain
E-mail: rabbijoyce@gmail.com
Telephone: 413-572-8164

Services are held on the High Holy Days and approximately twice a month for the Jewish Sabbath and for other Jewish holidays. Services are held jointly with Congregation Ahavas Achim of Westfield at the Interfaith Center on campus. A schedule of Jewish services is posted at the Interfaith Center entrance, published in The Westfield Voice student newspaper, and is also available by contacting Rabbi Joyce. Rabbi Joyce is also available for counseling by appointment.

Students interested in Muslim prayer and activities on campus or in the wider community are invited to contact Prof. Kamal Ali at 413-572-5388 or kali@westfield.ma.edu.

Requests for additional religious services and/or spiritual advising for students may be directed to Kim Morgan, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, c/o kmorgan@westfield.ma.edu or 413-572-5400.

Interfaith Programming and Student Activities

The Westfield State University Foundation, Inc. supports the University’s Interfaith Programming Committee (IPC) for the purpose of offering additional religious, spiritual and interfaith programs on campus. For more information on the Interfaith Programming Committee please contact Kim Morgan at kmorgan@westfield.ma.edu.

For information about religious student organizations or clubs on campus please visit the Student Government page on the University web site or contact Student Government at 572-5429.

Interfaith Center Facilities

The Center’s main worship area seats about 90 and authorized groups using the Center are responsible for bringing and removing any symbols or artifacts particular to their faiths. The Center’s chapel features a magnificent pipe organ with two manuals, a pedalboard and three and one-half ranks of pipes. The organ may be played by bona fide musicians familiar with such instruments including students from the University’s Music Department. On the lower level of the Center there are offices for College Chaplains and a lounge for meetings or gatherings. While the Interfaith Center does not have facilities for preparing or serving food, catering services are available from the University Dining Service by pre-arrangement with the Catering Department. Student members of all faiths are invited to use the Interfaith Center by request through the University Chaplains or through the advisers of religious student organizations. Weddings may be scheduled as well, provided there is no previously scheduled religious service; many college alumni have been married at the Interfaith Center on campus.

New Student and Parent Orientation

The Westfield State University New Student and Parent Orientation program is housed within Residential Life and introduces incoming students and their families to the WSU community. The primary program includes summer orientation sessions for all first-year students and parents in June. Separate programs are held in June and January for transfer students. An overview of the program can be found through the University web page by searching “New Student Orientation”. For additional information, contact the orientation office at (413) 572-5619.

Parking Privileges

All cars parked on campus must be registered and display a valid parking decal. Commuting students are allowed to purchase one (1) decal that allows parking in the Commuter Lots. When the lots are full, commuters are expected to park in the South Lot, located on Western Avenue, opposite the Juniper Park School.

Resident students will be allowed to purchase one (1) decal and must park in the South parking lot. First-year students will not be permitted to have vehicles on campus.

All students are required to park at all times in the lot designated by their parking decal. Parking elsewhere on campus is not allowed, and is subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense.

If you have any questions regarding parking, please contact the Parking Clerk at (413) 572-5400 or Public Safety staff at (413) 572-5262.

Public Safety/University Police

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the enforcement of the Massachusetts General Laws and for protecting life and property on campus. The Department is charged with the responsibility of protecting the right of all members of the academic community to learn, to teach and to conduct the normal and necessary business of the institution.

Among the services provided by the Department of Public Safety are: the investigation of crimes and motor vehicle accidents on campus, the enforcement of University parking regulations, the operation of the shuttle service, and the operation of a lost and found. In addition, Public Safety provides medical transport for students who are injured or ill. University Police officers are also available to present programs to educate students on such issues as sexual assault awareness, crime prevention, alcohol and drug awareness, workplace violence, and the Cleary Act/Campus Security Authorities.

Public Safety trains and supervises the Institutional Security Officer staff assigned to campus foot patrol and to maintain the security of the campus residential buildings.

Student Right To Know Act

Westfield State University’s annual security report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings owned or controlled by Westfield State University; and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drugs, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault and other matters. Copies of this report are available from the Westfield State University Department of Public Safety, and through the University website at: westfield.ma.edu/safety.

Public Safety employs and directs a student security force made up of full-time students from the University to assist the regular University police force. Student security officers are used as observers, shuttle drivers, escorts, dispatchers, library security, and to assist the University police.

The Public Safety Office, located in the White House on Western Avenue, is open daily with general business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and offers twenty-four hour police coverage and response. Additional information is available at (413) 572-5262. For emergencies call 911.

Residential Life

Residential Life promotes personal development and civic engagement. We are committed to making our Residential Life Program an important component of a student’s overall educational experience. A variety of secure, well-maintained facilities and living arrangements are available, with each hall staffed by a full-time professional residence director, student resident assistants, maintenance staff and security personnel.  Each residence hall is served by an elected Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association that provides programs and services for all resident students. 

A dining plan is mandatory for all resident students except those in university apartments (Lansdowne Place, New Hall, Apartment Complex). Three plans are available: a 19-meal plan, a 14-meal plan, and a 10-meal plan. Students may elect any of these plans. Commuting students and university apartment residents may also purchase a dining plan, if they wish, with the added option of a 5-meal plan. The University also offers a debit-point plan and a declining meal plan. Several on-campus food venues also offer dining services on an à la carte basis.

Student Conduct

In the interest of maintaining order on the campus and guaranteeing the broadest range of freedom to each member of the community, some regulations have been developed by students, faculty, and staff acting in concert. These regulations reasonably limit some activities and also proscribe certain behaviors which are harmful to the orderly operations of the University and the pursuit of its legitimate goals. Violations of these regulations will be handled by the University student conduct procedure, which is established to resolve complaints of nonacademic student misconduct. The student conduct procedure is designed to protect due process rights and reach decisions that are in the best interest of both the student and the University. Students charged with misconduct are afforded the right to a written notice of charges, the right to a fair and impartial hearing, and the right of appeal.

Student Conduct Regulations and Student Conduct Procedures may be found in the Westfield State University Student Handbook available at the Office of Student Affairs, Ely Campus Center, Room 209, or online at:

Student Travel

Students are advised to become familiar with the Westfield State University Student Travel Policy and Procedures Manual which is available in myWestfield under the Campus Life tab in the Student Travel channel. Forms used in connection with University approval of student travel and the disbursement of University funds (where applicable) are also available in the Student Travel channel. If you have any questions about student travel, please contact Amy Szlachetka, 572-5443.

Veteran and Military Services

The Veteran Services Office is a dedicated resource center for current and former military members and their families who are students, staff, or faculty at Westfield State University. The primary function of the office is to advise and assist students and prospective students in applying for Veteran Administration educational benefits and certifying enrollment for current students. In addition Veteran Services also coordinates Veteran and military specific campus activities and acts as an advocate for the Veteran population on campus.

The Veteran Services Office can also direct Veterans and their families to appropriate agencies for mental health counseling, financial aid, career placement help, and assistance in applying for Veteran Administration health benefits.

Information is also available at the Veteran Services Office for those students who are interested in enlisting in any one of the armed services or becoming a part of the Army or Air Force ROTC programs.

The Veteran Services Office is located in the Horace Mann Center, Garden level, next to classroom one. Call (413) 572-8370 or go to our web page at http://www.westfield.ma.edu/veterans for more information.