ENGL 0381 - Advanced Prose Writing

Credits: 3

This course is an advanced workshop in writing, revising, and submitting for publication a substantial project in prose.  Options include: novella, memoir, a collection of short stories or creative nonfiction.  this course will emphasize how to compose and market a cohesive collection and develop a distinct signature voice.  Special emphasis will be given to developing themes through the exploration of prose elements such as symbolism, plot development, and transformation.  A deeper consideration of narrative form and voice is also made possible by the diversity of forms the class can choose from for their semester-long projects.  The class is structured as a studio workshop with mandatory individual conferences with the professor.  Requirements include a public reading from the projects and submission of work for publication in nationally distributed literary journals and presses.

Prerequisites: ENGL 0246  and either ENGL 0345  or ENGL 0340  

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