EDUC 0503 - Early Literacy and Reading

Credits: 3

This graduate course provides the prospective teacher with an introduction to early literacy and reading development. The course emphasizes a foundation in the major components of reading. Content includes beginning theoretical principles and research based strategies for assessment and diagnostic practices as well as instructional strategies for phonological awareness, phonics and other word recognition strategies, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  The interaction between readers and texts of different genre are explored and the needs of English language learners are embedded throughout the curriculum. This graduate course is cross-listed with EDUC 0303 and is differentiated by assignments, learning outcomes and expectations at an advanced level. EDUC0503 must be taken at the same time as EDUC0517. Co-requisite EDUC 0517, Laboratory in Literacy Practice 


Note: The course is aligned with the objectives of the Massachusetts Test of Educator Licensure (MTEL) in Foundations of Reading, Field 90. Students should take this course prior to taking this MTEL.





Prerequisites: Pre or Co-Requisite:EDUC 0519  or EDUC 0554  or equivalent
Corequisite: Pre or Co-Requisite: EDUC 0519  or EDUC 0554  or equivalent

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