EDUC 0519 - Principles of Teaching and Learning

Credits: 3

This graduate course introduces students to planning procedures and methods leading to the creation of lessons that are consistent with professional standards and state curriculum frameworks for early childhood, elementary, and special education PreK-8 educators. The course responds to four fundamental questions: How do children learn? What are we going to teach and why? How are we going to teach and why? How will we know that learning has occurred? To address the above questions this course specifically teaches: classroom interaction strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels of readiness; engaging teaching strategies that are accessible to all students; approaches to grouping that create and maintain a safe collaborative learning environment; culturally responsive teaching strategies that set clear and high expectations; and assessment methods that reflect depth of content and quality of effort and work. This graduate course is cross-listed with EDUC0319 and is differentiated by assignments, learning outcomes and expectations at an advanced level. A 30-hour field experience is required.

Prerequisites: EDUC 0221/EDUC 0540  , and PSYC 0202 or permission of the coordinator.

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