EDUC 0601 - School Oral and Written Literary Practices

Credits: 3

This course provides K-12 teachers with knowledge and skills to improve speaking and writing instruction within their classrooms using an integrated language arts approach. At the primary grade level, the course includes theory and best practices for teaching interactive writing and a process approach to writing. At the intermediate, middle and high school levels, the course emphasizes the reading-writing-speaking-listening connection; speaking and writing in response to literature and exposition; writing in the narrative, expository, and poetic styles; and writing and speaking across the curriculum. Emphases also include assessment of writing using holistic writing rubrics at all levels. Students are expected to write in a variety of styles and to critique their own writing.

Prerequisites: EDUC 0319/0519 or EDUC 0354/0554 or the equivalent of teaching experience or permission of the student's Program Coordinator

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