EDUC 0645 - Practicum I: Clinical Experiences in Reading Elementary

Credits: 3

Practicum I is designed to guide initial licensure candidates enrolled in the Reading Specialist Program to diagnose and develop interventions fro PreK-12 pupils experiencing literacy difficulties. Candidates are supervised as the assess (using multiple assessments) and teach two individual case study students considered at-risk for literacy success at two different levels using  a clinical model. They are also required to teach small and large groups of students at different grade and proficiency levels. Practicum I is supervised by both an on-site Massachusetts licensed Reading Specialist (the Supervising Practitioner) and a University Program Supervisor in candidates' schools or in summer school setting. Eligible candidates may choose to enroll in either Practicum I Elementary (EDUC 0645) or Secondary (EDUC 0646). Practicum I requires 150 hours. Candidates are not required to take any time away from full time teaching positions.

Prerequisites: A teaching license, a passing score on MTEL 08 field 08-Reading Specialist; successful completion of EDUC 0648, 0656, 0657, and 0631 (Sheltered English Immersion-SEI) or its equivalent (RETELL), and approval of the Reading Specialist Program Coordinator.

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