EDUC 0631 - Sheltered English Immersion

Credits: 3

This graduate course will provide the knowledge, skills and dispositions essential to effectively shelter content instruction to ensure that the English language learners (ELLs) will successfully access curriculum and achieve academic success. This course will also explore the relevant policies and laws as well as the social and cultural issues that contribute to the schooling of ELLs and the diversity of ELL populations. Knowledge of how language functions within academic content teaching and learning, and how children and adolescents acquire a second language will also be addressed. Course participants will plan instructionally diverse lessons based on assessment data within the context of a standards-based curriculum. The course will examine research-based protocols, methods and strategies to integrate subject area content with language and literacy development. Course participants will apply the MA English Language Development (ELD) World Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) standards necessary to support ELL students' success with all Massachusetts curriculum standards for Pre-K-12 learners. This course also requires the completion of a critical inquiry research project further exploring one of the strategies covered. A field experience is required and might be shared with another field experience course. Prerequisites: EDUC 0519, 0554 or the equivalent or experience in teaching.

Prerequisites: EDUC 0519  , EDUC 0554  , or the equivalent or experience in teaching.

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