PSYC 0689 - Internship School Adjustment Counseling

Credits: 3-12

This course is designed to help students evaluate and improve skills as a counselor. The major emphasis of this course is on the practical and applied, rather than strictly theoretical, and will include a considerable degree of role playing and presentation of counseling tapes and/or work. Students work at an internship site of their choice in addition to class hours. Students seeking a panel review with DESE leading to adjustment counselors must see their advisor before registering to get the correct number of course and semester hours. Offered with variable credit for the convenience of the student and supervisor, these courses may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: PSYC 0101 Introduction to Psychology, PSYC 0201 Theories of Personality, PSYC 0522 Theories of Counseling, PSYC 0524 Counseling Basics w/Supervision, PSYC 0624 Advanced Counseling w/Supervision and 42 credits completed in program. Except with written permission of the Program Director, These courses are limited to students who are matriculated and in good academic standing in the M.A. Psychology Program.

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