PADM 0634 - Health Services Management and Leadership

Credits: 3

Today's health care administrators must contend with a great variety of forces that affect the delivery of services. Taking a systems approach, students analyze the administrator's role and consider how administrators must first assess, then proactively respond to these forces to be successful. This course is designed to prepare leaders to lead effective organizations and teams. Globally, healthcare professionals experience pressures from patients, communities, government, and payers to demonstrate value. Improving health and outcomes while controlling costs and enhancing the experience of the patient are leading issues in healthcare today. Attending to these issues within the context of complex organizational systems and multi-disciplinary teams are challenges faced by healthcare leaders today. Meeting these challenges requires strong leaders with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to address issues and advance quality healthcare. Students study how a health care organization functions, especially in its development of managerial processes and the formation of a distinctive culture that will enable it to provide the high levels of care quality and safety required by system stakeholders.

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