EGST 0317 - Latino/a U.S.A.

This course explores Latino/a experiences in the United States. This will be done through an interrogation of "race" as a legal, institutional, and social construction. In order to center class discussion, we will be focusing on three topics: 1) the Latinization of U.S. culture and society; 2) anti-Latino, anti-Hispanic, and anti-immigration policies, and resistance to such policies; 3) the racialization of Latinos. Through these three themes, students will explore the following concepts that are important in our understanding of the contemporary realities of Latinos in this country: social construction of race, racial formation, pan-latinismo/latinidad/hispanidad, class-based and gendered racialization, institutional racism, geographies of exclusion, commodification of race and ethnicity, cultural appropriation and resistance, citizenship and race, immigration, and racial profiling.

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