MATH 0345 - Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Credits: 3

A course in calculus-based statistics. Students will explore a variety of sampling distributions with applications of statistical inference. Students will develop the main methods and applications of estimation, including method of moments, percentile matching, and maximum likelihood. They will analyze important properties of estimators, including bias, variance, consistency, efficiency, mean squared error, and UMVUE. Students will construct confidence intervals for known and unknown parameters, including the mean, differences of means, and proportions. Students will explore and analyze test hypotheses by studying significance, power, likelihood-ratio test, information criteria, and the Neyman-Pearson lemma. They will test for mean, variance, contingency tables, and goodness-of-it. Students will learn to use an appropriate statistical software, such as R.

Prerequisites: MATH 0106 , MATH 0218 , and MATH 0333 .

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