BIOL 0211 - Plant Biology

Credits: 4

An introduction to the structure, function, and diversity of plants and related groups, including anatomy, morphology, physiology, reproduction, ecology, and evolution. Specific topics include plant tissues, plant organs and their function, photosynthesis, transport processes, primary and secondary growth, hormone action, flowering, seed and fruit production, environmental influences on growth and development, and the role of plants in ecosystems and the biosphere. Also, evolutionary relationships between the major groups of terrestrial plants (bryophytes, primitive vascular plants, non-seed plants, gymnosperms, and angiosperms) and an introduction to related organisms including fungi and algae. Laboratories include several short- and long-term experiments as well as experiences in data collection, data analysis, and scientific writing. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory per week.

Prerequisites: BIOL 0128  and BIOL 0129 .

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