EDUC 0337 - Practicum: Early Childhood Education, Grades 1-2

Credits: 5

This student-teaching practicum is a supervised, culminating capstone experience for half of a semester in a 1-2 placement. Teacher candidates are assigned to an appropriate placement where they will work to refine their teaching skills and philosophy of education. Critical implementation of curricular materials and methods, subject matter knowledge, adjustment to practice, high expectations, and creating equitable learning environments are foundational to this experience. Candidates will be coached and supervised by a qualified, on-site supervising practitioner and a WSU designated program supervisor. Candidates are required to be co-enrolled in a practicum seminar that focuses on educational topics and dispositions relevant to this capstone experience. A candidate must demonstrate their competencies for initial teaching licensure and complete all departmental requirements.

Prerequisites: Completion of all pre-practicum requirements and permission from the Education Department.
Corequisite: EDUC 0313 .

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