HIST 0273 - Labor & Economic History

Credits: 3

This course focuses on economic and labor issues and their impact on American society from 1870 to today. Utilizing an atypical approach, this course begins with the present and works backward in time, exploring the complex history behind the economic issues and debates that face your generation. Topics include the rise and fall of the American middle class, the Industrial Revolution (its economic impact, major unions, worker strikes, and labor leaders), Progressive era "trust busting", causes and consequences of the Great Depression, the post-WWII economic boom, the 1960's War on Poverty, fair trade debates, and changes in the domestic and global economies since 1970 and their impact on workers' rights. A key objective of this course is to provide basic economic literacy. Students are introduced to key economic concepts and learn to critically analyze economic data and statistics. For history education majors, this course fulfills the economics requirement and also counts as an elective.

Prerequisites: Minimum Sophomore standing required.

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