MUSC 0322 - Elementary Music Methods

Credits: 3

This field-based methods course emphasizes teaching strategies, curriculum development, materials, repertoire, and developmentally appropriate practices for teaching music in elementary school. Teacher candidates will review relevant theories and research to inform best practices for teaching elementary music, and create effective curricula and lesson plans employing a variety of developmentally appropriate assessment methods. During field experiences and in peer teaching, students will have the opportunity to practice instructional and classroom management strategies that engage and motivate learners, accommodate a range of interests, abilities, and needs, and promote positive and mutually respectful behavior. Focus will also be placed on reflective practice including the use of assessment data toward improvement of practice, and building collaborative relationships with parents, colleagues and the community. Teacher candidates will develop pedagogical skills and strategies that foster music literacy, listening, movement, composition, and improvisation. 25 hours of documented field experience in public schools are required.

Prerequisites: MUSC 0221 .

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