GNSC 0371 - Methods of Science Education for the Middle School

Credits: 3

This course emphasizes the inquiry approach to teaching science in a diverse middle school classroom. Students will be introduced to current state and national science standards and design standards-based lessons and a thematic unit. Teaching and learning discussions will inform curriculum planning and focus on teacher-student interaction, classroom management strategies, professional responsibilities and reflective practice. Curriculum planning will include the development of lesson goals that set high expectations, make knowledge accessible for all, are informally and formally assessed, and emphasize laboratory safety. Students will present lessons to their classmates and in their pre-practicum settings. A 30-hour pre-practicum experience is required.

Prerequisites: EDUC 0354 CHEM 0111 , and PHSC 0117 . And either BIOL 0128  or BIOL 0129 . And either ASTR 0101 GEOL 0101 , or GEOL 0106 .

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