PSYC 0333 - Practicum in Psychology

Credits: 6

Students participate in placements within agencies that provide various psychological services to the community. Students must also attend weekly seminar classes. The primary goal of the placement is to provide an opportunity for the student to become involved in the services provided by the agency, with the hopes of making meaningful contributions to the service. Under the joint direction of a Psychology faculty supervisor and a representative from the agency, the student is responsible for the formulation of a detailed outline of activities, time commitments, and responsibilities. The student will also prepare a term paper and a final evaluation related to the activities in which they are involved. The agency is expected to provide general supervision and make a final evaluation of the student's performance. The Psychology faculty supervisor will make periodic evaluations of the student's performance and will cooperate fully with the agency supervisor. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 within the Psychology major, be at least a second semester Junior, and have earned 23 or more credits in Psychology.

Prerequisites: Application and permission of instructor required.

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