MOVP 0264 - Theory and Practice of Games II: Analysis of Net/Wall and Target Games in Elementary and Secondary Physical Education

Credits: 3

Using a variety of instructional, managerial and reflective strategies, pre-service teachers will plan and implement well structured lessons that have high learner expectations for elementary and secondary levels. Through Game Centered Approaches, candidates will: 1) learn to create safe, collaborative, and developmentally appropriate game environments through game modifications, 2) analyze, and reflect on instruction and task design, as well as 3) assess student game performance. Emphasis will be placed on developing problem-solving strategies, skill execution, and social-emotional competencies for diverse learners of all levels to challenge themselves and take ownership of learning in net/wall games and target games.

Prerequisites: MOVP 0202  or MOVP 0203 
Corequisite: MOVP 0262 

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