PSYC 0371 - Capstone Experience: Developmental Disabilities

Credits: 3

The purpose of this Capstone Experience (CE) course is to familiarize students with autism and other low-incidence developmental disabilities, as well as empirically validated treatments of these disabilities. Students will learn about the characteristics of several developmental disabilities, become familiar with reliable and valid diagnostic instruments, and be introduced to various etiological theories related to these disorders. Additionally, behavior analytic treatments that address the prominent behavioral excesses and deficits associated with these disabilities will be a prevalent topic throughout the course. Students will become familiar with research-based teaching methodologies that can be used effectively with students diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. In addition, students will be introduced to the research related to the functional analysis and assessment of behavioral excesses commonly seen in students with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Prerequisites: PSYC 0306  or PSYC 0317  or permission of instructor. Senior standing required.

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