EDUC 0320 - Field Experience 1: Becoming a Teacher

Credits: 1

Field Experience 1 provides the prospective teacher the opportunity to enter their first placement in intentionally selected schools that will allow them to reflect on their desire and define their commitment to become educators. Students will be placed in PreK-12 partner schools with the goal of connecting theories of education to practice, including well-structured lessons. Students will critically reflect on teaching models to formulate their own vision. Students will continue to build their education portfolio in seminar sessions of big ideas, emerging philosophies, and instructional practices that will thread through their coursework. Critical reflection is emphasized in this course to align with the department's commitment to Reflective Practice and Scholarship. Each credit of Field Experience should correspond to approximately 30 hours in the field and 10 hours in seminar.

Corequisite: EDUC 0319 .

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