EDUC 0341 - Field Experience 3: Advanced Theory to Practice

Credits: 1

Field Experience 3 is a full year capstone. For many, this result is student teaching and the opportunity to synthesize critical understandings garnered across their required coursework including subject matter knowledge, adjustment to practice, high expectations, and equitable and safe learning environments. As a result of these intentional and systematic series of learning experiences, students will engage in critical discourse and reflection drawing upon these understandings to be better prepared for their careers as educators of all children. Students will synthesize and frame their teacher identity as they complete their portfolio. Application of cumulative work within and across previous courses and experiences, with specific attention to disenfranchised populations, tenets of effective teaching and learning, and culturally sustaining and antiracist pedagogy are emphasized in this course to align with the department's commitment to Scholarship, Social Justice, and Reflective Practice.

Corequisite: EDUC 0339 .

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