PSYC 0610 - Principles and Practices of Psychological Testing

Credits: 3

This course is designed to give students a broad understanding of the theory and application of group and individual psychological testing. Students will examine the theories and rationales of the instruments and will become acquainted with administration, scoring and interpretation of selected group and individual tests. An analysis of the strengths and limitations of each instrument along with administration criteria will be effected. Students will also examine the social implications and ethical considerations of psychological testing. In an effort to ensure that school guidance students have experiences working with diverse students in P-12 schools, school guidance students will be required to complete at least 1/3 of their total pre-practicum hours in diverse school settings.

Prerequisites: PSYC 0201 Theories of Personality, PSYC 0522 - Theories of Counseling  or consent of the instructor.

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