PSYC 0671 - Thesis I: Applied Behavior Analysis

Credits: 3

Thesis I is intended as a continuation course for students who wish to continue their education beyond the master’s degree. With the approval of a thesis advisor, the student develops a significant problem for research and study. In Thesis I: Applied Behavior Analysis, the student devotes her/himself to the development of a methodologically sound research proposal. The thesis proposal will be written in APA format. This proposal must be approved by the Graduate Committee in Psychology prior to enrollment in Thesis II: Applied Behavior Analysis. A minimum of five (5) small group meetings and three (3) individual meetings with the thesis advisor is required.

Prerequisites: PSYC 0646 - Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis , PSYC 0651 - Single Subject Research Methodology & Design . The student must complete 24 credits of graduate program coursework and remain in good academic standing prior to enrolling in the thesis option.

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