EDUC 0653 - Multicultural Theory & Practice: English Language Learners

Credits: 0.5

English Language Learners are a growing population in public schools and they face unique challenges. Thus, the purpose of the seminar will be to have students (a) observe the ways in which categories of difference such as race and gender shape the experiences and opportunities of English Language Learners in the United States; (b) explore the relationships of linguistically diverse groups to social, economic, and institutional power and the role education plays in these relationships; (c) critically examine their own social positions and the ways in which their cultural assumptions and value systems inform their interactions with P – 12 students and families from racial and linguistic backgrounds different from their own; and (d) develop more equitable perspectives and approaches to teaching and working with and across linguistic differences represented in their classrooms. Students will share their field observations and reflections in the seminar, and the instructor will provide content and facilitate discussions and self-reflections on these observations based on multicultural educational theory and practice. A field experience of 10 hours in a classroom or other educational program that services P – 12 students, such as some community-based programs, after-school or summer-school programs, is required.

Prerequisites: EDUC 0633 , except for Moderate Special Needs program.
(Professional Licensure in Early Childhood, Elementary, Moderate Special Needs, Secondary Education, and Physical Education)

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