PADM 0622 - Information Management

Credits: 3

This course examines information management as it relates to the public sector and its constituents. It aims to enhance the public manager’s ability to meet the challenges posed by emerging technologies in the digital age. The course will look first at the context of people who will be entering the workforces who are accustomed to using technology and how to perceive that individual as a contributor to your agency/organization. This course will also explore the public sector’s ability to cope and adapt to the changing needs of technology. We will examine how the public sector uses the Internet and other digital media in order to deliver timely and appropriate information and serve its constituents. Also, we will explore several technology compliance policies in depth and analyze them in order to understand how one would execute the implementation of such in an organizational setting. Also, we study information systems as they apply to the public sector and how those systems relate to technology compliance policies.

Prerequisites: Individuals taking this course should have knowledge of computers and use of the Internet.

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