ENGL 0522 - Practicum Seminar: English Education

Credits: 1

Crosslisted: ENGL 322 Practicum Seminar: English Education

Designed to accompany student teachers' semester of practicum in classrooms, the seminar guides students to think about and address daily classroom challenges and questions, larger issues in teaching and learning, as well as to offer support for completing English Education curriculum components needed for graduation and teacher certification. Seminar topics will include pedagogy and content, classroom management, unit plan development, assessment, family and community engagement, and professional development. This course models the use of theory intersected with practice as a means to respond to current and future teaching. This graduate course is differentiated from the crosslisted English 322 by assignments, learning outcomes, and expectations at an advanced level. Required for students registered in EDUC 0568.

Corequisite: EDUC 0568 Practicum 5-12

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