2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MUSC 0333 - Choral Music Education Methods

Credits: 3

This field-based methods course surveys appropriate choral literature for elementary, middle, and high school programs.  Students develop skills that will enable them to create and maintain a collaborative and cross-curricular learning environment.  They will learn various standard-based teaching methods specific to child development and diverse learning styles, create effective curricula and lesson plans, and learn rehearsal techniques that employ a variety of assessment strategies specific to the choral classroom.  Students will demonstrate teaching strategies through practical teaching projects and field based labs and write reflective evaluations.  Drawing from a variety of classroom management strategies, students will prepare lesson plans with effective routines and procedures that engage and challenge all learners, accommodate a range of needs and abilities, and promote positive behavior.  25-hours of documented field experience in public schools are required.

Prerequisites: MUSC 0221  and MUSC 0230 .