2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

NURS 0321 - Nursing Care of Children and Familes

Credits: 4

This course emphasizes the development of clinical decision making skills related to nursing care of childrearing families, with a particular focus on anticipatory guidance, prevention, intervention, and health restoration. Students will gain experience in clinical and simulation learning environments for the application of theories from nursing (and other related disciplines) to child health. The course stresses the use of critical thinking skills to meet the physiological and psychological needs of emerging families, and provides opportunities to care for such clients in different venues across the wellness-illness continuum. 2 hours lecture, 6 hours SimLab/clinical per week.

Prerequisites: NURS 0313  and NURS 0336 .
Corequisite: NURS 0322 .